Dana Ward – Divination

Dana Ward


After April the Sprite is replaced w/ a Coke
if there’s a Coke there he’ll fuck it if he can fit
his dick in it.  the shadow of Ben Affleck
falls against the house, the socks catch fire
find the bottle of Kris to put the fire out
slouch into the porch swing, tingle, in the
antiphonal magazine he calls his head, redress.

After Affleck the socks are replaced w/ the Kris
if the antiphonal Coke there houses shadows.
your April fire magazine will tingle in the fit
fall out against Ben, fuck the shadow, the dick.
in the bottle where the shadow of fall is fully dressed
on the porch where the spring brings fire to the head

After the porch shadows fall into the Coke
in his dick the Kris-fire tingles, the antiphonal
redress for slouch, where he falls.  Fuck it, Ben
Affleck, in his dress the Sprite fits, it’s shadow
& the shadow of the house, a tingled April

fuck-fire shadows slouch in the tingles, porch
& Coke in antiphonal April, the socks fit the Sprite
in the shadow of the house he sees his dress

Sprite is April Coke as fire falls in spring
redresses the porch in tingles

& the fires of the house are the shadows of April.

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