Bryan Coffelt

The Things You Care About Will Now Link To Actual Pages

for facebook

we’re not for sale
don’t hold your breath
our mission is an incompatibility
of the best interest

we are not alone,
Holly Hunter

we care deeply about the
quality of our work,
Cameron Diaz

everyone can use our work
we are only collectors
we’re neither a dictatorship
nor any other political system

your girlfriend keeps on trying to friend me
you can’t actually change anything

this memory is designed
to last as long as we can
we care deeply that’s
why you were nominated
for deletion

but it brings a direction to my fist pumps
this connection to everything
you care about

you may contain errors
and i get all
content model
when i’m around you

critical decisions
and a neutral point of view
i’m not sure
i have a list

you take care of it
you take care of dozens
of little things


i get gamers
in my stomach —
you should continue to exercise
drawn-out illnesses

do things like
admitting things

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