Jordan Stempleman – Two Poems

Jordan Stempleman

Two Poems


what the inventor
erects, becomes closer
to knowing
the next approach
may live to turn
the way of living
into a study
in being left alone

Cleaning Applications

may seem to fall, placed in the relation
of details wielded over the bud between
the forbidden and undisturbed. to take a purse
and a person’s taste. the wait time for a minor
to resent outrage for passing as censure.
by way of the forbidden, faculties bind to look on
inactive, unsafe but for accidents, no sacrifice
of purpose when asleep through arguments
in another woman’s house. the agent represented
the effect of the outside, conceiving, what amount
of connection would require this discernible light
to disappear from the fault that calls out:
kindly remove, so as not to follow in step.

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