Suzanne Stein

Everything’s Fine

in a remote—

garden a structure.

One enters. One locates oneself between layers of one’s location:

An intricate composition of interior and exterior spaces:

Precarious transitions elicit unsteady states for seekers.

In an attempt to stage the encounters that will be carried out

We ask if we may conduct the argument while climbing

We discuss which language the object shall be conducted in—

Here, in the pavilion’s spaces, water “gurgling” into the darkened paces

Luminous eufloriate the pattern of the space, un-

natural to elicit unsteady states for actors to elicit—

of compromised earth A shaky fog A bridge

trembly The discontinuous Leaving

the light asleep the

extending & dividing The

at once halves light once darkening

pools of shallow light, a
“light” path thru

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