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S H A M P O O   22

Shane Allison has been called a faggot, a nigger, and a genius.  he’s a Pisces living in Florida who has aspirations to write for Interview magazine.  he has two chapbooks out, Black Fag and Cock and Balls.  he is on the down low with poet, Jarret Keene.

Brian Dean Bollman is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University, sometimes a nymph, sometimes a fish whose poems have appeared in various literary magazines.

Ash Bowen lives in Texarkana, Arkansas, which is The Town That Dreaded Sundown.  he is the father of two children, both of whom share equal credit for hanging the moon.  his girlfriend, the famous chef Jennifer Hughes, ain’t too shabby either.

Otto Chan was born with the roosters.  he’s got hotstuff punch and a mean walnut prawn.

Amanda Chiado is beginning an MFA program at California College of Arts this fall.  her work has recently appeared in Blue Mesa Review.  no worries, her poetry has been thoroughly washed in strawberry shampoo, like her cats, and they all smell fabulous!

Clayton A. Couch.  yeah, and he was here once before, too.

Tom Daley works cutting metal in the mold repair department of a local rubber mill where the exhaust from the turnpike adjacent to the plant passes for fresh air.  his poetry has appeared in can we have our ball back?, Prairie Schooner, Archipelago, Pemmican, Perihelion, Salamander, and Yemassee.

Kae De Cotiis spends a lot of her free time looking for UFOs and, ironically, usually only uses conditioner (whoops!).

Peach Friedman has been writing poems.  having spent most of her life in Virginia, she’s crazy about grits and buttered biscuits, pickup trucks, and stinky men.

authorities in San Francisco claim that Brian Fugett has been incarcerated numerous times for publicly milking West Nile Virus from the tits of pregnant mosquitoes.  ask him about it at and he will tell you it’s all a pack of lies perpetuated by Governor Schwarzenegger and his motley crew of advisors who are hellbent on derailing his career as a top-notch SHAMPOO artist.

Nicholas Grider is from Milwaukee, which “deserves its bad reputation,” and is enrolled in several grad schools at once, which is actually easier than it sounds (though not necessarily wise).

Elizabeth Hughey teaches cheerleading and tumbling at UMass-Amherst.  she is upset that most green candy is now green apple instead of lime.

Travis Jeppesen is alive, supposedly.  when he’s not writing poetry, he might be listening to Gorgoroth or Darkthrone or even Schloss Tegal.  he also wrote a novel called Victims (Akashic, 2003).

Stephanie Kartalopoulos officially boycotts any restaurant that claims Thai-Mediterranean fusion to be a good idea.  she also says that people in Boston drive as if they want to live inside a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  this is also an official statement.

Mary Kasimor.  in her youth she watched every “Twin Peaks” episode, which influenced her view of living in the heart of the country.  to find meaning in all these contradictions, she’s had to try to write her way out of it.

Scott Keeney still is, but has hopped on the blog bandwagon with Nobody in the rain.

Elena Knox is in Sumatra at the moment and can’t think of anything literary to say.  her trusty travel shampoo has nearly run out.

individual entries on Richard Kostelanetz appear in Contemporary Poets, Contemporary Novelists, Postmodern Fiction, Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers, Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature, Webster’s Dictionary of American Authors, The HarperCollins Reader’s Encyclopedia of American Literature, and Encyclopedia Britannica, among other distinguished directories.  living in New York, where he was born, he still needs two bucks to take a subway.

Corinne Lee is the author of PYX, a poetry collection which will be published by Viking-Penguin in 2004.  she is possibly descended from William Tell, who, in eternity, will surely take aim at every sud on her pate.  she just might stand for it.

Cassie Lewis needs a good night’s sleep.

Majena Mafe is a cowgirl turned wrangler, living a type of de-furred life only possible in a land where the word kangaroo really and truly means…‘I don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about’.

Diana Magallón.  “in my past life I was a fish, now I’m a juicy human being living and working in México.  my poetry has appeared in MAG, Tse-tsé, te_a_tro, and is forthcoming from MAG and Eratio.  miao!”

Corey Mesler has published in numerous journals and anthologies.  his novel, Talk, was released in 2002; a chapbook of poems, Chin-Chin in Eden, in 2003; and another chapbook, Dark on Purpose, in 2004.  he, also, once dated Prince’s girlfriend’s sister.  he runs Burke’s Book Store in Memphis, Tennessee.

Suchoon Mo is a retired college professor living in Colorado, writes poems and composes music, and has recent poems appearing in The Bitter Oleander and Dissident Editions.

K. Silem Mohammad keeps his friends close and his enemies in an old wooden shed.

Stride Press has just released Proof of Silhouettes by Sheila E. Murphy.  earlier this year, Concentricity appeared from Pleasure Boat Studio.  she resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kaya Oakes repairs comma splices, abuses semicolons, and acts the fool as a Senior Editor for Kitchen Sink magazine.  when she walks around, she leaves a trail of sugar crystals in her wake.  she can be found teaching writing at UC Berkeley, and her poems can be found in lots of places, but not, alas, in a book.

Ronald Palmer’s first collection, Logicalogics, is forthcoming from Soft Skull Press in 2005.  he rides his Kona mountain bike through Golden Gate Park and visits the bison in their fenced cafeteria.  he especially loves Ocean Beach; the glittering graffiti is pretty at sunset.

Daniel Pendergrass is trying to make it work for him.  that, or maybe a very slow boat to Laos.

Julio Peralta-Paulino is a writer currently at work on several projects.  some of his recent work is featured in Jack Magazine and Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k).  he really did write the French Minister of the Interior about the modern suffering of the Jewish people there and got no reply.

Camille Roy is one of those poets.  she’s not sure why.  she maintains a blackboard for your urgent poetic scrawls — submit!

Cynthia Sailers’s first full length book, Lake Systems, is from Tougher Disguises Press.  Sailers is a California native who now lives in Alameda and co-curates the New Brutalism Reading Series in Oakland.

Suzy Saul is sometimes a Cassandra.  is always a star.

Barry Schwabsky aspires to be the first American poet to star in a Japanese whiskey commercial.  born in Paterson, New Jersey, he now lives in London and is the author of Opera: Poems 1981-2002 and [ways], both from Meritage Press.

Derrick Tyson is 22, from Georgia and enjoys poetry of all flavors, photography, film and anything to do with art (especially advant-garde/abstract/weirdness).  he often wonder what it would have been like to have played a role in Ingmar Bergman’s film Persona.  his head can also twist off like a bottle top, freely releasing shampoo bubbles into the air, popping into poetic verse.

Zinovy Vayman.  contrarian-at-large.  international haiku writer as a remedy for ills of the soul.  only 5% of his haiku are good.

Sharon Venezio is originally from New Jersey, but now resides outside of San Francisco.  you can find some of her poems in Transfer, The Northridge Review, and The Literati.  she is an MA candidate at San Francisco State University, where she excels at procrastination.  she is a foster parent to an adorable, yet bipolar kitty.

Chris Vitiello lives in Durham, North Carolina and is part of the Lucipo Poetics Group.  his Nouns Swarm a Verb appeared on Xurban Books in 2000.  he has perpetually postponed any other biographical information at the delay.

James Wagner is the author of the false sun recordings (3rd bed, 2003).  other pieces from Trilce have appeared in Bridge, gam, Parakeet, and Typo Magazine.  he writes book reviews of recent poetry books at his website, Esther Press.

Christopher Wells was born and raised.  he has loved coffee since he was eight years old.  he enjoys the passive voice when used in moderation.

Cyril Wong is the author of four books of poetry in Singapore.  the founding
editor of SOFTBLOW
, he also finds himself becoming a homophobic homosexual.

Kemel Zaldivar would like to apologize for his behavior at your birthday party last night.  he was very drunk and values your friendship immensely and wishes you to consider that it’s really no big deal your girlfriend’s record of undying devotion is now a little besmirched.  please tell her he is sorry about her purse, and promises to return all the money that was in it as soon as he pawns that necklace she was going to give you.


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