Phoebe Sayornis – LoveWar

Phoebe Sayornis


I had a clearcut strategy,
I’d start by taking dadbag.

And my strategy proved to be sound,
for soon I had control of all erect.

Yet even when it seems to be going well,
things can get quite messy.

Once, during the course of my conquest,
I decided it would be advantageous to change directions
and approach from the side rather than headon.

The plan was fine, the application faulty.
For though I’d stopped the bob, I continued the stroke,
and before I could complete the maneuver I got shot in the eye.

Friendly fire.  It’s always the mishaps that prove harder to take.

But listen to me whining on and on,
when of course, everything is perfectly alright.

Dear me, how could it not be,
when I know full well G. W. grieves with me.

Yes, that fixes everything.

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