John Sakkis – from Mouf

John Sakkis

from Mouf

closer than nimbus
fortnight column and
the whispering couldn’t better
than a bellow night or
because was church chant
“I profile the usual explanation for”
of the water being the warehouse
which carried the goods
for patterns sake copied
its first whole families
sitting around a room
the couldn’t figure that smell
being from there on them
which carried his voice
to his parent probably
asking, in addition “how
is that mothballs?” the goods
by night being eaten as well
for whatever it’s worth
next to the bed
that wouldn’t sleep anyway
for the foreign sailors
it cannot be proved
these clothes were being
slowly disintegrate
by probably in their mind
the powder “river boats well”
that grounds any winged insect
upon touching

regarding solutions
and months of days
behind his Father drinking beer
that catapult dangerously closer
to ear drum stuck with mucus
as if his ears were telling him
that no human should be willing
to travel at such ridiculous heights

and only here with a red bike at least the night of such a dock were the nails holding up such tan
legs and onetime the scrotum of a local boy was seen dangling near his thigh as he ran the hair
curling up in damp clumps as salt floating without the thousands of jellyfish washed up but still
potent as an iron would sting if brushed against the hair of his arm

such moths without sleeping
and days of one eminent
by means of/ with scenes
of the box too mistaken
by hearing the chants at night
rather to get the pieces at
the right time among others
at a glance of what other
people could see they were ivory
steps an ivory desk only color
an ivory slip his shared interests
ivory time around the turn
a small book of tangrams
and correspondents facile
traces against rolling feet
square the body top spinning
full leads solved in seconds
the most boyish maneuver
or fewer pieces is called a “peach”
break in the ear and the warm
delicate hands of a cloth

one header said
note the book “flash in the pan”
becoming the pores of the tongue
were large and gray thrust to
inspecting in the mirror in the cheeks
also was a silver crack of pores
edging only that bifurcated
sliver and he said “watch the marble as it goes”
slipping onto its steps that conference building
meeting the mayor who began to say
his favorite city the white city
and the water bringing circular mug
of clouds only the television crew
and his interviewing “as the white city”
almost always relying on the organ of others
as it goes with those boys at the hotel
and marble steps rolling into the peeling
tits of swimming laps and “from the Bay”
not bulging Chapel Hill who said it
was a picture of the girls doing aerobics
neither beside the marble but
that one leading them onto a sight kicking
the rubber from under their feet

the balcony the time

unavowable from restless

how to who dwell

bends of the eye

occurs went light

that lower

the pagan faced

borrowed and beginning

show that lower

scraping velocities

one proceeds

daughters in ground

hatched sperm show and

drought the baked salmon

reward after cake on burning

“the priceless hole (sic) of century”

outrider second smell

so gentle dispel

a second-cousin (reportage)

knot exactly

Old Ugly-arterial

smelling under the leaves
washing collide the baking bone

punctuate arid recent
“this gift that obliterates”

back to the riparian
I forget
how smell sees the “and he enters with himself”

not only eyeshadow
a broad streaked shoulder plate
how wild and return time
like a dutch-face
how it looks
what’s for us
a tongue-garden of
“but only partly cooked”

that the spider wasn’t a spider at all but a tick received in the ground that soon would be following
the cousin (counselor) who slapped it off but arm only after slapping the back of “yes my eyes” the

B.B. —I thought this was a personalized way of dedicating.

and burning abdications

bye-gone scrub jungle

a grave possibility contends

mouf as in mouth

petrific in a dare in love

T.B. —A real rollercoaster ride of weather.

made public
the safety
of seams
they drove
went mad
the ride
of bass

1. in actuality these accidents are not at all uncommon, you can keep tabs by periodically checking

“history of seedling and seduction”

the sea they swam in from dock to dock
a spatial attention and the white dust of salt
coating their bellies until lunch and the summer
home trail that dreaming insect became “bare
ruined choirs” upon first noticing the difference
in size of bottle one could never imagine “other
bottles of testament” humming into the draft

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