S H A M P O O’s
first reading is a bubbly success!

on March 1, 2002, thanks to Glenn Ingersoll and the Poetry & Pizza series gang, SHAMPOO had its first ever poetry reading, in celebration of 2 years and 10 issues.  we raised over $400 for St. James Infirmary.  the event was held in downtown San Francisco at Escape from New York Pizza.

Kevin Killian started us off with a bang, with a lovely poem about Kylie Minogue, in honor of the release of Kylie’s new album, “Fever,” which came out that same week in the U.S.

then there were four fabulous featured readers, all of whom have poetry showcased in our tenth issue.  the readers were:

Tim Yu,
Beth Murray,
Cassie Lewis,
and Del Ray Cross.

we also had five surprise (& surprised) guest readers — all those in attendance who also had poetry featured in SHAMPOO issue 10 were asked to read their poem from that issue.  these good sports were Eileen Tabios, Barbara Johnson, Jamine Ergas, Jennifer Dannenberg, and Chris Stroffolino — and they all read superbly.

thanks to all who attended.  thanks to all our contributors.  and thanks to you for checking us out.