John Patsynski – Three After Ceravolo

John Patsynski

Three After Ceravolo

Naked February

Let the hurt.  We must
brush the hammers

The titan Harpsichord bellows
              sheepishly, warm aire.

              “A” book is blue.
My body is awake
                           and, weary
of spirit   a thistle
hides the sun
             lava unsettled.

                          for M.G.L.

Antsy (Artsy)

             Into the cold,
one step.  Stance.  Arc.

Greying light descends.
             Lap, book.

Auto audible, slight.

Quicken hand.  Tie.  Tie.

Close, set.  Open, close.

Check index and go.

                          for S.D.A.

I lover her about this.

                           One lonely
print of foot in the snow.


The alien is gender neutral.

              “there shall be
a complete fragment”  (LZ)

Architectural fantasy.  Bright
       eyes.  I have two


“Considerable cloudiness,”

                          for S.S.F.

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