Eddie Paterson – Four Poems

Eddie Paterson

Four Poems


cold world with you

have missed you & have felt the lack of vanilla
slice based conversation saw a film with aaa & aaaaa &
they really tried hard to fill the void your leaving presented
aaaa &  aaaaaa don’t appear to be having relations
yet bought a he-man dvd on the internet & now badly
want to watch the dolph lundgren edition. watch out for stone
fish. tip your maid. send word of the toilet situation asap.

➢ a.

the run.
i run a lot. both to forget & to make me happy.
i see no one. one time i run. then down the street one of the townies says
i see you running. i didn’t care. i like it here. there is a breeze at night & old james (Ruhfus) bond
at the video store. keep safe. look after aaaaaa for me.this is a script where a mother beats up her child, throws him out & he becomes a gay drug drugaddicted homophobic killer. i don’t think i need more to happen in 15 minutes americans & their

attention span. met a script reader for united talent agency in LA. so if you’ve got anything

give aaaaa a big kiss for me on sunday. good luck with the rest of your aaaaaa stuff – that has

flown by say hi from me to anyone who counts

HELLO, HELLOgoodbye.


(_____ has moved into a new house. ______ is sleeping
with ___ on a regular basis. ____ is dating again.
has a boyfriend who i met. _______ sends her love. need a cocktail
recipe made with cuban rum
someone has left half a bottle on our kitchen
table. i have other stuff, about how i like you, i have had a
partial thought…i’ll wait till you return.)


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