Teresa K. Miller – Three Poems

Teresa K. Miller

Three Poems


If the vessels were empty      might fill them insignificant

glass beads, transition words and sentences, or communism
inflammatory the pericardial and pulmonary tissues facilitating
the motion entry and exit a room with one or many desks.

When two bodies brush along a bar and attempt to discern
pronouns the affliction exists in differentiating symbols,
in the crash of wood on metal, the impossibility of osmosis.

In the denoting


Since meeting you I
shy from speaking writing

in tongues as distance.
I tried to reinvent the you

and I, fragmented
both of us.  Splintered

I where you ferment
refusal to undulate

insistence on crashing.
I become becomes

prohibitionist to my own
body, homeopath taking

which you in ever-
larger doses to ward

off which you.


One lungful overwhelming particularly when it is three
or repetitive in unconscious like an accordion book a fan

that shuttles the makings of words in and out of bodies
noiselessly the transfer across membranes and into
minds an illness of interface of shreds to communicate that establish

where the decomposition begins between cells letters the words
that describe the cation and anion the organs purifying blood
accompanying the accordions music like depletion dripping

at joints like incomplete excavation

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