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The rhyming poem is a dying breed.
But did all modern poets abandon the quest for the mesmeric rhythm and perfect rhyme?
Not the good ones!
Love Is Poetry – Rhyming Poems About Love Life, a brand-new collection by Danil Rudoy, welcomes the daring literary connoisseur to the land of exquisite rhyming and deepest meanings.

Love Is Poetry – Rhyming Poems About Love Life

The difference between love and life is illusory: those who loved once know it best.
In “Love Is Poetry …” Rudoy demotes this barrier with a vehement determination of someone who’s seen the truth and wants to share it with the rest of the world.
Magical themes and images are fairly common as the poet explores the human potential, while love plays the role of a catalyst that prohibits giving up.
To Rudoy, a rhyming poem about love is a quintessence of power, a key that opens the hearts of the lover and the beloved, making their passion everlasting.
And the poet’s hope is that by reading “Love Is Poetry – Rhyming …”, people will become active participants in the building of their own happiness.

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