Michael Levell – Three Poems

Michael Levell

Three Poems

Found Postcard

I am an American West
and at the end of this line
I will lose you

loose you at the cliffs
where languages recede
only through participation

is this no longer real
I wish you were here

Advanced Composition

even intelligent ape smash
how perfectly imagined

is made unreachable
among the peopling rock

where every event enters
simmering magnetism

once upon a school desk
I become

Chamber of Harvest

he is Mexico ready for harp answers
carefully placed amongst possessions

the sun, his face full of flowers sings bees
to the occasion of his partner, a garden

ready to be taken, swept softly, upstaging
local festivities shook from her petaled-lips

hips ripe for odyssey, ceramic romantics
burn up the little river and make it rain

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