Aaron Kiely – Two Poems

Aaron Kiely

Two Poems


poetry is about stopping wars
poetry is about waking people up again
poetry is about enlightening people
in groups
or one by one

poetry is about inspiring people
poetry is about raising people up
poetry is about reminding people of themselves
poetry is about not trying to do too much in every poem
and about doing gargantuan things

poetry is about making life better for people
who don’t have it as easy as you

poetry is about speaking about
what is best in all of us
so that it can become part of the common life


every hollywood asshole
eventually holds a gun

and has no faith in people
and no good ideas

and helps the wars continue

and is better off than the majority—

gun imagery
gun visuals
gun energy
gun colors
gun inspiration
gun information
gun influence
gun words
gun direction
gun guidance
gun expression
gun expression
gun expression for you


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