Emily Hunt – Three Poems

Emily Hunt

Three Poems


The one above me is solid, dark, and simple.

Below him there’s a light

but between him and the light

a symbol of the light

so when I press

the symbol of him

nothing changes

and when I press the symbol of the light

I light up

the woman beside me

as someone here before

bent the light toward her.

Bumping Into Her

She thought I was you

so I told her about us

and she asked how you were

as she slipped in her letter.

I saw her last week from afar

and forgot whether

she knew for a minute.

By the look on her face

it was clear she could tell.

I looked down.

We shook hands in the grass.

She was confused, I explained

you had moved

but I was still living here.

I Remember the Area

I must keep missing it

so I flip from back to front

soon I start to doubt the place

I know it was

I know it was something about circling

a white duck

grasses good air and desire

I knew it so well it’s vanished

so I put it down and eat my clear soup

trying to remember how it went


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