Jnana Hodson – 2 Poems

Jnana Hodson

2 Poems

Blue Rock LII

You decided to look out from the window
to admire a branch in burnished clouds.  I choose

to give you permission to break off
our engagement.  You concluded

it was all a lie.  I’m rejected once more
despite my labors.  You decided to bare

your mons with a razor.  I grip nothing
in small measures.  You concluded there’s

no breakout from materialism.  I am,
you insist, every defect you’ve selected.

Blue Rock LIV

We planted patio grills and point-and-shoot cameras
to crop up as BLTs all summer.  We harvested
what would rend us.  You tried so hard

to prepare me for a permanent-press, split-level
cul-de-sac.  We planted a set of invisible slates
to crop up, depending.  Maybe I still do.  We

harvested a part of yourself to prepare shelving
Mason jars in a marriage.  We planted this
relationship with the antilock brakes applied

to crop up in crossfire.  Maybe I don’t deserve you.
We harvested muskmelons and blueberries
we’d prepare to sell door-to-door through apartments.

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