Anthony Hawley – from The P(r)etty Sonnets

Anthony Hawley

from The P(r)etty Sonnets


A weather vane knows more about poetry
Even though a thermometer will tell you when bones hurt
A frosted window, who just took a shower
Or that I have showered
This is as good a start as any
Each wind directs the weathervane
To language
But not the ghost of my bath
Foggy glass
Knows more about me
Than soaps
Shampoo too
How much you use measures how clean
Your sentence is
This too is weather


I could only sit a minute more
We went north while reading

Someone else’s sentence

Dear Dante
Forgive me

The volcanic rocks, the lava
The whole descent

You are not here but
I stole them from you

Anyway Dear Guido
I wish you and I and Rebecca could go sailing

But do you have a boat
I stole this idea of sailing

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