Kallima Hamilton

Lunch Poem Down Under

                       Let’s write long letters on grand themes,
                       fish sandwiches, egg sandwiches and cheese;
                       or traveling in Mexico, Italy and Australia.

                                                               Frank O’Hara

G’day Frank, the quesadillas are swimmingly great.
Bullfights, regattas, walkabout.  Taking my vitamins.

Towns of silver melt into the red dust of dreamtime.
It’s a buon giorno full of asiago and gorgonzola,
the tiny soul sizzles of anchovy and smiling smelt,
mariscos, kangaroo, salmon, sourdough.

Some days we surf the reef, wrestle in Tweety masks
or linger on gondolas under the sweet light of serendipity.

Quail’s eggs with enough mayonnaise to float your boat–
now we’re talking sandwiches and having a Coke.

This much sunshine and we’re all happy and beautiful.
I remember your torso, gleaming with snowflakes.

Dinner’s a fishwich of white shark, great on ciabatta,
a little pesto, cold Fosters.  Ciao, no worries.  Luego.

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