Ethan Fugate – 2 Poems

Ethan Fugate

2 Poems

Startling Clues On The Album Cover

Formidable fog beneath invisible near
earth objects plays tuba and the wily
wobble of defense some solo gourd
for a head prez says adios monkey
troubles hello apocalypse (the modern
meaning) meaning Hail mighty Mammon
your minions’ new commercial arrests
attention long enough for the fabulous
smart bombs to fall without notice now
I done went and got myself some politic
amen motor mouth lemme get my banjos
is it time to learn me some German
darest not dear to ax for files already
burnt blunt by yezzes and nose

The Last Drawing Has A Walrus In It

But mostly yes how now about
how to shop for a how-to conscience.

The war goes well. The war goes
swell. Bravo. Charlie. Zeta. Jones.

spread strategy. How about ten thousand
more flyers flying? My pockets lined with dust

from a crushed rear-view mirror.
No matter what she did we always got

the worst of the substitute deity. Always
news about climbing sheer walls—a profound

not pouncing against the glass again & again till bloody.
Your underwear looks terrific up on the balustrade.

Now there’s something to think on with Winter
speeding up the Turnpike, EZ-pass in hand.

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