Katina Douveas – i want barbie

Katina Douveas

i want barbie

i want barbie
fatass barbie
lesbian barbie
goddamn barbie

i want barbie
obsessed with barbie barbie
fuck these high heels barbie
fuck rice cakes and angel food barbie

barbie terminator
bitchslap barbie

i want barbie toothfairy
barbie blow job executive
barbie with a goddamn cherry on top barbie

ex wife barbie
barbie on ice

white trash barbie
smokin a joint and watchin the mirror

i want barbie to cut the bullshit
i wanna walk up to barbie
say “cut the crap, barbie”

i want rebel barbie
barbie wars
bar-2 bie-2
and bar-bie-pi-o

i want jock strap barbie
and barbie pimp
with a brutal whip

i want barbie whore
at the head of the table
on the table and under lights
thinkin’ about silicone
like eatin’ stone

i want fuck me barbie
wanna moon barbie

i love barbie
pretty and packaged
perfumed into powerlessness
i can’t wait for her to look
into that
in her hand
wanna hear her talk,
say “fuck this” barbie.

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