TJ Desc – The Informed Workplace

TJ Desc

The Informed Workplace

The price was right and
we paid it honey, we went
to work with ourselves
in a car, in a curious
sort of mystery about the sandwich bag
that I took to school instead of the pink lunchbox
that wore its hair in pigtails
curving inward like a wedding band

coconut and lime rising
in the stylist’s chair
for hours.  Days later made up
lines    deep creases below
her eyes:  how much she’d give
for a face-lift!
She cries now her face becoming
a freshly weeded garden

where time swirls around the mouth of the nozzle
forgetting even the green that smells sweet—

Conversation twisted like vines
and the simplest task of remembering
the color of oleander that lined the fence
was difficult for even her tenacious mind

The afterglow spread like pigment
“I’m frightened of the humor,” sighed the slumlord
as wonderbread filled the skies’ hearts
and we raced like wannabes toward tarnation

It wasn’t as if things weren’t put like they
should be, nor Darkness, nor a panorama
so birdfilled it was a garbled reckoning
that drove the sun onto this desk
we write from.  Days spent studying
the sweat on a brow,
Howard the pedestrian and all the words set loose
and running towards the joyous floating fog of the hills.

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