Jordan Davis – 2 Poems

Jordan Davis

2 Poems

The Idea of Theory

What fear did your smear
Indent?  Whose tacit approval
Was it, important as a rock
That lands on the landing

And opens, red white purple
And violet?  What star was
Your education the life,
The ink-smell, false drama?

They have closed off this
Street and tilled it.
Tulips grow along it,
And haricots, and corn.

Research Into July

A barrel rolls on the roof
A helicopter going by
Workmen play the green actor
By their uncle in a pantry

The spine is my handhold
And bruise the visible clime
A thermostat is an example
Of research into July

If I sleep without you
Do I sleep alone
If I shoot a visionary
The air conditioner goes on

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