Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle – Two Poems

Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle

Two Poems

Cheops’ Chaos

I’ll believe all idols evil
Every Order false even

Our Father ordure
Preach fevered snakes

Or axe of fire—
How often golden oxen crow

Over drowning men
Again grown sick of love

Anger is a river bird
Consciousness is an emotion

King Sad

Though these thoughts that show
Be nothing, Here Lies.
Less unknown to us unknowns
Three corbie ravens fly.

Higher tombs have human length
Raze the vaulted forests, foxes’
Weird Wood King of Everything.

Somehow in vows
Naked not undressed but plain,
I flatter you with blame.

On visiting the graves of five of my family.
Midnight                                   Full Moon

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