Del Ray Cross – Poems

Del Ray Cross


cows just stare
& sometimes lumber away
otters, on the other hand
have a lot of fun

               -Bernadette Mayer


find the palm
with the right nut

or interrupt it

we didn’t grow those
in Arkansas

I had a friend once
who knew how to tip

we drank Maddog
in the moonlight

tripped with a flashlight
up a dark mount


not only
the right word

but the proper balance
one word plus

slam the brakes
my teeth hurt

you put too much
sauce in the punch


when I was younger
I had no sense

of how long
was too long

in college I got a rise
in the shower—guys

often duplicated
my efforts

now I’m an ass
for staring at one


once I wrote
and wrote

little shards
of grass

poked themselves
out of dirt

grew into glimmering
fields of weeds


steam lingers
above the bathroom mirror

I notice the ceiling
a crack I never knew existed

I can see only parts of myself
in the mirror

I watch some hairs fade to white
a very cinematic moment

like when the child’s blue balloon
floats over the park

it floats over Macy’s toward the Metreon
where I saw Darth Vader last night


this cornerstone was
donated to the town
by Alonzo Cross
before I was born

he was my
     and he ran
this lumberyard


some twelve years ago
I went to Montreal

it seemed everyone there
spoke French

I went with a Francophone
with whom I was enamored

and from whom I learned
the luxurious mystery of translation


of which
I don’t
know much

except for you
and your pretty eyes
in the hot tub


time sort of
shuffles its deck

I walk between

eat ice cream
drink coffee

walk more
read poems

write one
that makes

more or
less sense


I fall asleep
on the leather couch

listening to my
favorite song

in my dream
I look up

at the sky
through the jasmine


it’s interesting how
one word is
what it means

until you
one letter

then it becomes
something so

this could be
take people for example

I don’t really mean
I am so very different
from you

we all have
our names
to differentiate us


I remember
we each

measured our

one against
the other

palm to palm
all of us

but I don’t
remember why


I’m beaming
today is gorgeous

I just ran a mile
and then I went for a long walk

bought a couple new books
had a spicy chicken salad

listened to some music
rescheduled a few meetings

hopped on a bus and realized
how beautiful today is


depth perception

my calendar is
in my backpack

it is 6:45 p.m.
I write one poem per page

which means
I have more free time


some people have
cheeks that
bounce when they walk

this can be cute

I wonder if my cheeks
bounce when I walk

some people have
checks that



in my heart
I have a gift

warmer than
blackberry cobbler

fresh from
yesterday’s oven

I am so
full of heart


this weekend
I had
a lot of fun

I am also
enjoying myself

this weekend
I will have
so much fun

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