Todd Colby – Color Musically Yours. Love, Todd

Todd Colby

Color Musically Yours. Love, Todd

Todd works with winners to create winning music. Todd invites the winner to draw
with color on paper which Todd then scans with his “eyes” and then “faxes”
to a boat waiting somewhere for a winner to approach. Todd then converts the data
from the drawings into real winning music. Todd does this by sensing how much light
is reflected off the paper in order to detect a victory. Each color reflects different
amounts of light so Todd can convert the color-value into winning musical form.

Todd is embodied in three connected wall-mounted units. When a viewer/participant
approaches Todd, it kindly stops scanning/playing to allow the viewer/participant
to win at drawing by using provided markers. Todd then resumes scanning and interprets
the new marks and colors. Subjective Todd makes a statement about art and watches
as the fun unfolds. People die everyday.

Todd J. Robot is able to create complex musical arrangements out of his subjective
statements according to the laws of “artistic input of the viewer.” The
end result is a colorful scheme or “score,” which is a collaboration between
the viewer and the robotic instrument/performer. Todd delivers a lecture at lunch
“Pain, Why Does It Hurt.” Winning is the victor’s fruit. I don’t love you anymore.

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