Sharmila Cohen

Two Poems

Mechanism for Interaction

There is always want for sick and fever
Can be induced with certain types of alcohol. Be careful
Not to lose your hair. The blue lights prevent

Me finding my veins, but I have read many guides
On the subject of etiquette and it is still popular
In some dark corners of the world. There are

Few ways to politely communicate, so
We label all the objects in the house:
This is how we understand.

On Travel Writing

Will you teach me to dance? The filth on the street
Infiltrated my foot and I was crippled. Luckily,
I found a comfortable ledge in the underbelly
And chatted up the also deteriorating locals. The drug
Dealer reassured me that my new friends were
Good people. There were always drums

In the periphery. Kiss first and check
For appeal later. I changed
My clothes and found a new taste
For heat. Everyone said they’d seen god. I don’t
Appreciate their efforts. I love you,
I love you, marry me.

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