Michael Basinski – Study Questions

Michael Basinski

Study Questions

List the parts lips thee pearts of theex die digestive tracts part
pearlsov wolves in thee foolrest anatomic olives bomb hem Anna!
Anna Tomic anatomically describe Ov Egypt or June Jane acts upon
swallowing’s wings tongue pond among ghoosts hoots Hermes
Mayonnaise amoong brides oakmoss fern note please no police June
thorns like music? Lie music opon bee Shelly salivary amylase. Her
hair. Her pepsin in the Secrete presence of HCl. Her fats emulsified
by bile, salts, fenix, Anna lost amoon-humming birds in bergamot
and old English. The beach is the water.

Listless, List the accessory glams what was the 100th word we spoke
who said if first was there a novel a collection of birds lined on wires
fingerlike projections from the intestine wall, immoral and aromatic,
each nail painted deities forest guests, green disputed letters terrified
of the tangible word, war booty nitrocellulose wreckage, a highly
flammable synthetic substance because humans have a tube within a
tub plums perfume burned butter museums of Land-O-Lakes lumen
plumbing witch moths circle the rings of Saturn

Why would you expect hormones, cards on your birthday, late.
Hermonie, hard tough, abrasion – resistant black and white film
protein in an alkaline environment which oaks like a pancreatic
vowel system innoxvoxcuous come upon the future amphora oloves
misfitting harps unpitted uroliveves split lips of varspoil spoonsores
ornightmint orms about oorqueenorbs teens teaming diegeese
stormbs this bridge spource among the fierce dress wish wish to
touch her nose church. Air acts as a portal to the past as the alphabet
changes the 200 to 700 words to one within which are blood
capillary, Iroquois beer or better (Triple-X) XXX Balentine ale in
algae green bottles and alympathic lacteal.

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