William Allegrezza – 2 Poems

William Allegrezza

2 Poems

gathered at the edge
as ice as
round men gathered
in discrete rooms
through which we
understand their
something other
           in motion
and the lies of placement
like guitar cords or
tabletops in gray
are stacked on a wall

for the ocean
is a doorstep
where the black ram
is laid
and where
crystal does not

ache for anything

~ ~ ~

the accusation of
                       periodic tables
on a ledge of light in dallas

            “heretofore I am not I
             nor   you   nor   we”


the walls crack
to show
remnants of earlier designs
where celebration is an
accident of angles
catapulting the memory

into oranges or fishes
tucked into cliffs on
unknown shores or
rivers where the
skid began
and boats gathered


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