Morgan Lucas Schuldt – Three Poems

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Morgan Lucas Schuldt

Three Poems

The Coroner on Angel Lust

How long can this motion overmind, this haughtful onesome last?
One, two, threely forth-and-flaunting
for an hour, a day, so up and budging
from the body’s heap?
Portending what once, and now?
Blunt bridge to some her’s
or his’s yes? Please of a no
that lackens back to earth?All soft-fledge and new must—
conquer’s nowise
nowhere encore.Useful such an ago ago,who asks instead of urges,
give us ables?
Rather than the utmost aw-shucks ode-ing O
some other ahhh-ward out.

Prayer I
If in this lure & lapse of bluff & of not
but in a field on a calendar day
if as knot if as rabble if the jinx to my sneeze     the bye then to seem & if sigh-lent to sigh
if in your –est fetch & petties
& wayword      if wasn’t just as much as ever
in your black dress
if for lull & for during if for a peek of reach     unoriented
if life is & if rarely
so that if every anything if underway is underway     is elsekiss is sign-done
if criss & cross-bent
if building on glances
is upbrights & downtruths     spake _-side &
if believed
if wined for song (which is blood-summed)
and if hurried when all is facets

if verge
if that too & the tellabout ourloud rapid of mention
if beck & stall
if in where only if strop if edge if what-all depended from
if a simpling sun in all needs
if so everyway brimful of found unequally
if tasks, the rearranged dirt     loop & you
loop & you     if outluck
if lights & nothing so much as a roam
if shine for

Prayer II
Then the sea-holly   the body’s naked fundament    its firmament   left to let-me let-me care on

behalf when wanted least from adepts

then the might care to crave such from

then but no

then the mouth-colored    the intendant   the song which is inhale when kiss & then   recumbency

(the many ways it’s done)    the endless stake on the balcony    with the incurables

then the supposes without vanity   fuck that fetches the blood down from flounce

then gone quiet who am to you   underdangerous   without attributes   unsubstantial right through

and without clock   like snapped free the sea-holly for some sake of scenery put

then anymore there isn’t much to control, which is purpose   a


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