K. Silem Mohammad – Two Poems

K. Silem Mohammad

Two Poems

It Ain’t Easy

Michael Bay is a whorehouse
before the feast of a crashing plane
with some kind of proof that capitalism can blow itself

whoopee! I believe in:
the inherent goodness of all beings
eyes that change color
small tits
open-minded people

I much more hate the idea of consuming power
I’m a “power-consumption-conscious freak”
do you use smiley faces on Mother’s Day
well, yesterday was Mother’s Day

I never drafted anything but I am capable of handling
extremely emotional situations where I get paid very well
to read the personals and drink Slushees

I’ll help anyone who pays me to hint at emotional depth or something
on the other hand I am here for emotional guidance from the dead
few people realize it’s difficult to heal
from the emotional distress I experienced this week
by an Indian woman who was complaining about karaoke

I already said it ain’t easy and it takes a toll

Enya is a whore

Write Like a Beaver

you’re not twenty-one any longer, and at your age—
a little man like a beaver—
how wonderful to write like that!

your encouragement of English literature
enables me to get somewhat cheesed
at what these people write
like, Lord of the Rings

three men and a maid
knew what he was talking about
so that’s why I’m wondering

him gnawed at his own fingernails
and some crunchy French bread and
we stared at it for a good 5 minutes

I think when I write like a weirdo it comes out better
please try to write like I do

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