Benjamin Kroh – Sitcom Virtues of Harmony, Part II

Benjamin Kroh

Sitcom Virtues of Harmony, Part II

The old year now away is fled and volted ruins

             unbetter. Some frail jet drives feeble

to teach cities the old, hot earnest

             and you and your head to double the noise.

What bite is ours! Look hard to our fields

             and wash well your pavements.

Secretaries! Princes out of breath!

             Come to call by snares, by network,

by votes against the swallow.

             Well and wise, my chiefest guest

offers the oil and eyelids

             that the goat-worth trouble is gained,

but perfidy abandoned, repair prolonged,

             he learned to earn and how to own.

O Ultra-Sheer Human-Wish!

             Shut against us, the remedy

is ventured less, not by want of concord

             or sovereign prayers, but thus the heirs

themselves do emulate.

             Strike through, benefactors,

that I might eat and sleep

             the marked words by manner anointed

to that which they whipped you.

             One not ought be made to honor

to judge well, but the machinery,

             Madam, to that you must bend.

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