Eric Raanan Fischman – Dripping From the Clouds Like

Eric Raanan Fischman

Dripping From the Clouds Like Honey

After 65 years of eating only sunlight,
Hira Ratan Manek’s mouth sealed up
for lack of use.  In the mornings he’d stand
barefoot in the Kerala grass and open
his eyes like ruby chalices.  His breakfast
dripping from the clouds like honey.

At first you will feel your corneas twitching.
Let them.  It’s just the yawn of your
occipital teeth.  Your toes will bite into
the green like Manek’s children into mangoes,
and you will notice the berry flavor of
blue sky and the sour apple of mountains.

Soon your hungry pupils will slurp down
strands of light like rice noodles.  So that,
when like a glow stick your neck finally snaps,
you can step casually back into place
between this particle and that wave
as your spine, full of chlorophyll, lights up.

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