Bruce Covey – Eight Love Poems

Bruce Covey

Eight Love Poems

even yr spicy shadow has a grid
you replace yr least used
body parts with tulips, peonies,
wild ferns     detach harmless
animals     log into a death grip
giraffe: peer over the fence
rhino: rampage like bowling balls
elephant: pound happenstance
into the ground pepper    store
yr clouds on zip drives


slide yr finger over     make
love to the esc key     click
let me out of here     click
let me out of here     after
you inhale the toothy breeze
you echo chalk out     a cloud
of powder like a misty universe
of angels deep in yr furry data
yr navel whispers inaudible key
strokes as yr tv expires


squeeze lemon over yr
paper doll & it blooms
open its pages    its text
tells of walnut trees    forge
yr own domain     yr viny
hair yields a melon at each tip
against yield anti-virus software
hums address    youd better hand
over the paper hand over the
paper before it bleeds


static arms the limping vein
imprecise dial     scanner rampage
does it find you   amidst the
mossy map   predilection     soft
armored in static the blessing runs
a tiger splashes into indecipherable
lines     too soft, imprecise   yr in
this limping gift     no the wiry box
discharges not a flash sure enough
to predict yr whereabouts slipping


whats yr cosign    is it cogent
= swim well?      now the tangent
is spiders spinning little crunchy
tastes like pomegranate tissues
pockets popping in yr mouth
tastes like colder colder something
purple & white     meet you
across bicycles at the movies
something colorful playing
always   co-hold yr tan hand


clean twangs from yr eardrums
leaving thoughtless the urge the state
bird flag flower     hear the crane &
bulldozer continuo past the rose covered
wire fence     hear the punctuation marks
caress the sheets feeding out
of the printer     hear the sticky points
of tacks penetrating crispy bulletin board
hear the connection magnets
compel fertile white refrigerator


yr formulaic dove devises
a flight pattern that shuttles
n/s but yr foggy clock mandates
nothing     in delusional glow
the glassy barometer dims yr
vehement fizz the slashing
blades of the slide rule
yr taut ripe plaintive sediment
like twisting circumferences
radii split you make you legion


plainly you touch what
you want to touch grazing
smooth plastic im-malleable
grooves alternative with lines
of yr fingertips     the playing
like a bow drawn across violin
arrow in hand is excruciating
symphonic yet mute     minute
atonal     now please touch my
jaw that way 2 days unshaven

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