Otto Chan – Dear Bumble Bee,

Otto Chan

Dear Bumble Bee,

You fly in and out all day long
it seems like you get no love appreciation from others
Olivia Bumble Bee you tease me with your pollinated hands
Your honey was bitter from the sweet sweet and maybe sometimes
covers up the latte that you buy for me
when you’re skimming on the milk

Oliver Bumble Bee you leave your Queen in her nest
cache your honey on your stained hands
Translucent gold drips from your mouth
the kiss you fleeced from me in the morning dew

Oh Bumble Bee stop buzzing about non sense and keep
it sheer, don’t waste your wings away with the prattle
you spread amongst the flowers
that’s who it is isn’t it? that’s the lovely that has taken away
you from me that’s just a dandy lion that sways

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