Shane Allison

Shane Allison

Three Poems & Two Collages

My Fuckbuddy Has a Girlfriend

but she’s not as pretty as me.
Her face is pizzaed with pimples.
Her teeth is green and she has more back hair
than Jason Alexander.
I’m taller and have a great ass
if shown in the right light.
My fuck buddy says I give the best blowjobs.
Let’s see her top that without giving teeth
or gagging.
I have swallowed oceans of his semen
with no signs of spitting.
His girlfriend on the other hand,
probably throws up all over the
cheap flea market rugs.
She runs as fast as she can hunting
for minty flavored Listerine
to tame the taste while
leaving him naked and pissy
on the sofa with his jeans around
his ankles.
With me, it’s never Honey I’m tired
or Not tonight, I have a headache.

He knows that I’m always in the mood.
He can sit his royal ass
upon my face and I wouldn’t say a word.
It’s not like I could anyway.
The last time we were together, it
was in the back office of Panhandle Pet Supply.
He pleasured me orally next to rats bigger
than bananas. She was home soaking
her feet in Epsom salt while I climaxed in that
great mouth of the south.
I told him on the phone just last year
that if he ever wanted to get together
or if he needed anything, anything at all,
to give me a call.

When I Told My Mama I Wanted to Be an Organ Donor

When I told my Mama I wanted to donate my organs,
She said, “No, you don’t want to do that.”

Tonight over hamburger, tomato paste and macaroni shells,
I mentioned it again; cuz the first time always deserves a sequel.
Told her I was serious and didn’t get the idea from a commercial
Or some Made-for TV-Movie.

She said, “Yeah, but the thing is, why you want to go give away your
Organs like that?” She once described them as the “meat” of the body.
She made me think of pig innards and chicken gizzards.

Her question was a brick thrown in the face.
“I could understand if it was family, but to give ya meat
To somebody you don’t know? What if it’s a white person,
You know how they treat us?”

As she mixed cans of tomato paste, steamed shells into cooked ground beef,
all I could think about were surgeons slicing into me like a pork roast,
removing pancreas, liver, the heart of me. Replacing third degree burns
with entire layers of skin. But Mama’s words didn’t change my mind.

I still want the blind to have the corneas of my eyes.
My bones to the boneless.

Now I gotta find another family member to sign the papers
Cuz Ma doesn’t like the idea of my heart beating in the chest of a white person.
Haven’t told Daddy about this yet. Doubt he’ll care.
Much like a lot of choices I make.

Sestina for Twenty-Six Boys

Andy tries to fuck me without a rubber.
Brian showed me his hung balls. He tastes good in my mouth.
Collin sucks me off in a storage room of yogurt pretzels. He likes it up the ass.
Dennis’ smoke-gray cat sniffs me on the purple rug as I eat his master’s cock.
Eldridge thought he saw me jacking off.
Freddy’s pound cake-colored foreskin.

Greg is the music teacher who wants head, but he has too much foreskin.
Harry’s hot, but I don’t have any rubbers.
Ira does what I want cuz I caught him jacking off.
John’s dick makes the perfect impression in my mouth.
Kevin is a dwarf of a thing, but has a bean burrito for a cock.
Lawrence exposes his chocolate ass.

Mark in faded jeans, has a perfect, pert ass.
Nathan stopped talking to me after I ate the cheese out of his pouch of foreskin.
Orion’s mushroom-headed cock.
Peter grabs my crotch at his place. Just in case, I brought rubbers.
Quentin’s dick in the quarterback’s mouth.
Rowland ran off after I saw him jacking off.

Sean looks at himself in the mirror jacking off.
Tony kisses me in the canary-yellow bathroom. He cops a feel of ass.
Ulysses with his legs spread, is ready for my mouth.
Von has a build up of smegma beneath a blanket of foreskin.
Walter likes glow in the dark rubbers.
Xavier punches me in the jaw, in gym after I grab his cock.

Yusef likes it raw wrapping his mouth around countless cock.
Zane sits like a king upon the toilet, jacking off.
Andy peaks beneath my stall. He tries to screw me without a rubber.
Brian exposes his tawdry testicles to me, and not his baby-soft ass.
Collin gives me a blowjob on a mountain of trail mix as I pull back foreskin.
Dennis’ cat sniffs my butt as I force my tongue down his master’s mouth.

Eldridge James watches overhead as I masturbate, drooling from the mouth.
Freddy has a dildo of a cock.
Greg with his jeans down around his ankles has endless foreskin.
Harry sits in his Lincoln Continental jacking off.
Ira has a corncob stuck up his ass.
John flushes his semen-soiled rubbers.

Kevin is the shortest in our class with his little ass.
Lawrence is paying the price cuz he didn’t use rubbers.
Mark got caught in the janitor’s closet with a mouth of foreskin jacking-off cock.

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