Julian T. Brolaski – Two Poems

Julian T. Brolaski

Two Poems

gowanus apocalypse

bees at toledo
gog and magog
spycams ablog
as they drip w/ pearls
and molt

landlord      peraventure
infinite        di—ready—
harry             harry
ope              my  opia
ersatz           rigeur

           gays throw shade on the
           heart to cover
           ersatz         magoo
           lineal         delionization
           fugg.  forlorn.

gag and how could I.
surfing wit

4 score diadems, falcon
four and twenty elders

ersatz chartreuse       diamond in whore-diadem
crinoline       cantelope       sitting on the waters
what ipode cantilever—curls bewray
pretty earlobe disgrace—federico—

the buffalo I foment about, wildly
the torture taste of pâté
shard parade
along the gowanus

calliope anon     areft
misanthrop       nebuchadnezzar dreams on
margaritas-to-go       blind—behead—the messenger
brangelina       boxoffice
minnie pearl          autoharp avec

how a dog plays tennis
how a gog, magog
if she has nails
to standit
industrial pawwipe

sludgie, anon!

how a dog goes
we go thru anon

antique roses and lamb’s quarters
the gowanus’s
fecal matter percentage
proteus wo
kristelnacht gauntlet
of liquorsoaked amulet-tennis

acrostic dawn

what we hang on anon, 311
we crouch in tha kitchen, adept


better off sludgie, lol
sludgie aloft, peraventure
the buckstar truth
I throw meat about

sludgie being
erato anon—pitbull backhand
how a dog—southie crossd—
vesuvius eros—greasepaw—
ass singed & boiled—

prim raintalassa
dolla one dolla
summer is afterr

zinc, hazard of
chicken heralded—purple sea—hold my calls

beasts implored & character impaled
agatha’s breast in a 14th century pincer anon
7 heads w/ 7 comings on
angels w/ wings at their feet & at their wings

here’s agog—eruvia
                      flavia   gowanus among

proteus wd if eratus might
peeled of hir shortstockings
d’artagne        rust

h&m;               madonna
humidlock’d         maiden-in-green
complete               like federico
w/ parrott              the courtier
fingering               his tassle

cryptoquotation anon
honeybees gurgling
ersatz anglonorman
bovary cum ratatouille
pitbull T.O.G.

all ridded of giggling
anthropormorphia aghast
bowery in the bowers

the tee hee ambigenuity
of amputee wannabees
googling tee hee
“silly faggot
dicks are for chicks”
wicked hee
to bury my heart at
my heart was in my knee

liquid sunshine
for Dana Ward

as if waves are minions
the maidens long crashing
you don’t know what you—
till you—don’t you
the desert is least desirous
of the sea
the parched basin is at least
coming or anxious craving
of the sea and its grill of creatures

as if maidens are minions
the waves’re long crashing

the desert is least
and slantwise I must
be down w/ the crease
along the quaint crust
as if waves are minions
the maidens long crashing
as if maidens long crashing
the length of the river
the desert is at least like totally
whatever whatever whatever
at the pinnacle end of the sea
they want to put an IKEA

I still dream but I know my dreams
are—Dana, the
grill of my birthstones
hiss in my teeth
swilling the myrtle I can’t
get warm enough
black snow
I done got in
to that liquid sunshine

the tender maidens
just aren’t.  my hair freezes
into dredcicles the lip
arched on a pin

I done got in to that liquid sunshine
My way was lit w/ subtle grey
I drank a fifth to settle my mind
O how I miss that western bay

feeling dirty
was never any nohow
hermorraged w/out thinking to
a hundred dollars as I walked
down the street

California hear me callin
Your sunshine ain’t in liquid form

my place among the pawns
spawn of nil
nobody amid no person
not even the word love

certain cheeses render me farcical
a grill in the half lite glinting
a quake on the brow the moment
I came half awake to the
prow to declare—
—here was the prow,
I mounted the dais
I was tardy and
half-ill, but I stepped
to the podium I—mascara tear—
approached the platform I
opened my mouth
I began to declare—

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