Malaika King Albrecht – in the ever after

Malaika King Albrecht

in the ever after

wives is the story of an idyllic little community
with a perfect little inn where everyone is polite
set against the extravagant backdrop of fort dodge

wives is falling prey to a mind controlling mirror
held up by society to society for society
wives is sufficient and not a horror movie

or a missing charade organized into sections
to reflect the stages of divorce,
a transparent second that is safe and fun

and has enabled someone to fulfill many desires
and fantasies over the past year
wives is looking for a lover which isn’t an easy film

to watch for two reasons one of which is taken
seriously in hong kong
wives is a cornucopia of guilt, a funny and sometimes

brutal comedy of fate, forbidden by natural law
in india because of its large population
wives is crammed into the last 9 ½ minutes

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