Tim Yu – Six Postcard Poems

Tim Yu

Six Postcard Poems

Boo Hoo Bunny

I am a boo hoo bunny.
Symmetrical tears are poised
like rouge beneath my off-
kilter eyes.
I think I am holding my heart
behind my back.  When I squeeze
it nothing happens.
The little button at my neck
pulses like a vein.

postcard from ArtUnlimited.com

Just Like the Ones in a Zen Temple

A room is a kind of
indoor moon.  It
reflects back only
what shines on it.
Seat yourself and
close your eyes.  It
makes no sound that
you can see.

Memorial to the Idea of Man If He Was an Idea

Hey!  You can’t
talk to me that way.
I’ll open my strong-
arm latch and feelings
will come falling out.
Meanwhile my
hands keep my
sides from splitting
as my brain
rises, globe-like,
from the fortress
of my skull.

Breathe Friendly

instead of brushing.
Just before “studying”
a British hottie.
Walking home
after nap in class,
a psych asks to borrow
your notes. “At
library,” you say.
“Tick tock.”

I Pluck from Days Already Past

the aroma of a cup of green
tea from a see-through pot.
A layer of snow is covering
everything, but I can just recall
how it was when we first
read from right to left.
I pull a card from the middle
of the stack.  I am small
and half empty; the sun
is rising for the 18th time.

Pink Like…

a pair of scissors,
a sharpened blade.
Look up.  If you think
that’s pink you’ve got
another thing coming.
The skin inside my
clenched fist.  A
spray of insulation
across the snow.
Every princess sitting
in her own row
with her own fire
helmet.  Something
I saw once,
then forgot.

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