Nicole Hubbard – Monochromophobe

Nicole Hubbard


Oh Simpleness!

I trained your mouth to


when we walked


mosquito feet(brown)

to my minced steel


We wandered…

pointing to your eyes

with a breast dismembered


Why were crickets falling(green)

when I crawled into

the typewriter(black)

leaving crumbs

inside the breakfast table?

I thought you drove that day(orange)

I was walking down the hallway(white)

when it occurred

baby hands(blue) climbing up the hairs on my arm

“They were weapons.” the little ones told me

–scurried away when you began screaming(red)

the crumbs(yellow) in the table are chips of skin

–too rosy to catch(pink)

(we have to clean up if we want to be beautiful)

put the taffeta(purple) in the oven,

it’s going to be shiny tonight

Hurry! they have arrived…

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