Tim Wright

Four Sonnets

soft ten oclock tells me you look like
a swimmer in that hoodie disguise
pronouncing byzantine description
into the mirror smooth as capsules
still warm from the teapot traffic
hushed winter cinematic less
convincing than a post it note
the spider stories we swapped later
over midstrength holding an apple
core for breakfast decisions
honey sirens remember nobody
likes a never gets toast crumbs in the
margarine show off a strawberry
example a park you might have slept in

sleep against the blue engine shaved
close to the chainlink anodyne nose
valued for its raincoat cuteness detached
as the medium format photographer
loafing the campground selling
blankets for tram tickets expected
the wait to be less complex more of an
out of the hand over the windbreak
agreement for sharing the nest spent
all last week hopping trees now sees
colour more intensely camouflaged
in hakodate the last of the jetset
vending machine enthusiasts
decelerate across lavish breakfasts

library receipt folded like a tally ho
with your name poet we bed down on the

desk calm as freshly typeset unshook
paint bakery mouths silently its
awakeness emigré matchsticks
squeezed in locks cattle prod reading
the same poet cathect lines
wouldn’t put their own nom de
plume to the preview = true effect
& go levelled against the weight
of a microphone in the hand tells you
its form of success is measured in
milk crates coconut shies complicate
forgetting the old routine as we go

shirtsleeves in dayglo snaplock
ticking cool inside the yawn recording

the sound pistachio shells make against
each other and when shaken awake finds
he wrote the last three lines in new south
welsh tho lost the shaving plot dreadlock falls

to cold tiles surprise ! euro echo coffee slug
snoozed through the battle so called of wits a
dream destination for spectacles to rest on
no risk of pleonasm now shadows lengthen
this side of the dandenongs where private
buses have flocked faux anti-coastal
traditional road crossing for the diaphonous
distracted parking for the intellect

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