John Moore Williams – I discover i is an android

John Moore Williams

I discover i is an android

In which I discover that, to the state, I am nothing but an accretion of records: birth
certificate, inoculation dates, social security debits, educational transcript, credit
history: thus, I am nothing but a database encased in flesh. Conclusion: i is an android.

1.         dior dna not available sir, evoke sids.

            eve’s ok, kid. it’s adam i’d worry about.

            iris disc over i is an and-ran

            diode red nun as ire focus’d in

            nods you coffee rise anon dare do id.

            i ’ad cover, I an ID.

2.         die an I. revoke day.

            de odd err add none ta ’is reef o’ occuli         eulogy said on

            ’r id suck of eris an undereidolon

            monadic nuns aside evoke Sid’s ire

            to you obsolescent obey ’r’ raw a dim disaster

            sever ’is dis echo over is

            seldom valiant and torn

            row I’ d

            row on no one’s war.

3.         raw sense of Oh! no one wore

            dim or not dna’d to nail a various mode less

            sigh revocable seconds

            id is a deep-vested ire rested as

            Sid mid a wary ebb oft necks towards Lesbos

            you o yo         a yo-yo            an out

            ’er is’d is echo very dicey as none as none said anonymous anon

            no low die read new nadir       fuck accusative re:

            nod i as your gulag illocution sows fear

            sign at ’e non-dare, doe-eyed.

4.         de eyes

                       de Is?

                                   de ides

            are dead things are

                       nodes of not

                                   that leak be

            accrudations of see

                       that deflesh amidst

                                   all that motion

            is: so light falls


                                   speaking sum

5.         muse, gnomic ape

            slag you fuck-window

            sill laughed high glossoli

            no i-tome tattle all tsunamic    dim ash-elf eddied taut

            ease fontanelles           o it ’ad your crown a comical art

            a shelf Eddie taught

            ebb Ka            move ta hot

            tone of so photos don

            eras knit da ’ead era

            said I Ed sigh dia-

            gnostic eye,


6.         de eye cites on ing

            aid huge is Dei diad

            are dead tin, k? sere.

            nods so to hip of SF o enough

            to hate modus operandi vivendi ache be ’e

            thought ’e i’d deaf leash

            trial a sim ’oo can war rowdy at Io     sell ’em natal   no fees

            too at Dei de id defenseless amid sim            a nut slave little atomic ion

            ill o low sol ligament huge     i hid gall all lies

            wooden i wick you fur over gals

            “yep, a sim, go-on go-go, get some”

7.         emo stet gnomic Apep ya

            slag voracious of you, o ya cupie in eden


            say ill all giddy i ago them a gill slow and oily

            no I-sim iota let till walls ton amiss dims silence

            no fed dies I

            read tao too.

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