Kit Robinson – Curbside Categories

Kit Robinson

Curbside Categories

Mixed requirements
drive the song
that is our life on this

Continent you’re wearing
nut grabbers!  I call them nut
containers!  A wave of

Gargantuan proportions infinitesimally
rolls itself up
into a massive pipe

In which miraculously appears
our favorite surfer a girl
with outstanding looks and a great

Attitude yes that’s what we
like like in Kenya when
they stop drinking

Gin and shoot smack instead
“another fucking beautiful day
in paradise” well, if you say so

Jesus W. Christ I wonder
what the W is for
Walter?  naw

Uncertain enthusiasms
signage, radio waves
faster than thought

What we see on the street
you landed extra early
similarly inclined

Okay that’s a first
goes right around you
crawling back up into your care

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