Misti Rainwater-Lites – ShampooArt and Poem

Misti Rainwater-Lites

ShampooArt and Poem


synchronistically suspicious

sweet. infinity. of. stars. between. us.
let’s. don’t. discuss. astronomy.
that. shit. makes. my. ass. ache.
astronomy. astrology. MySpace.
politics. “poet.” versus. “writer.”
“lover.” versus. cellie. all. kinds.
of. ass. acheage. up. in. this. bitch.
we. seem. to. be. stuck. inside. the.
same. monkey. poo. fling. zoo.
if. you. can. believe. it. your.
status. updates. scream. save. me.
from. this. godforsaken. ennui.
princess. of. plenty. she. be. me.
oh. darling. you. send. my. punk. ass.
priority. to. the. killing. moon.
this. dead. cockroach. has. your.
five. syllable. name. all. over. it.

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