Lisa Radon – Miss Jones

Lisa Radon

Miss Jones

“and we’ll keep on meeting ’til we die”
    “Whatever is going to happen is already happening.” – Ted Berrigan

she pulls a reverse Alvilda
in an aqua de ville
flies the jolie rouge
reasons orthographically projected
alls every whiched weighted
gunning siege engines
firing marchpane favors
at ten pins and chicken farms
glorious blades blaze
buoyant whole held
“and all at once I lost my breath”
pink quartz and periwinkles
favors and
inexact approximations of
aimings toward
indicative if microcosmic
zinnia, can I
diatomaceous determination
fools and the lucky know
dewey decimaled
eight elevens,
that’s 8-1-1, over…
“we’re all winning
we’re a-live”
all over
eight one eaten having
do not die
but -gested in-
and –sistent
not beached-gull brigade
I know what kind of movements to make
magnetic ghost,
needled north needed
real entless
if sazy luzan drifting ever
o, alfalfa
now it begins
now it begins
now it begins, she said again
Strike Anywhere.

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