Nick Piombino – 2 Postcard Poems

Nick Piombino

2 Postcard Poems
from Postcard Poems:  Nick Piombino & Stephanie Young

Soto Voce

After the formal meeting ends
The private conversations start,
The combined voices sound like breaking waves
Laughter rippling out at the waves’ peak
Gradually subsiding until the room is empty
As the beach at dawn.  A phrase floated out
As if cast ashore by the largest wave:
Some way of knowing.  Of course we think
There is no way, especially if it’s put that way.

Shelter Angel

I agree that fallen angels
exert a certain charm

Taste once as guest
the unforgettable funky must
of a public shelter on the street

and you’ll watch your step
and carefully avoid
falling again into that
bottomless pit

and the fathomless exoticism
of square one

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