Murray Moulding – Western Setting

Murray Moulding

Western Setting

Where do you want the gap in your teeth?  Any flavor Wrangler?
What a show last night the limericks tripping on the desert.  You see

Victoria when her car pulled up, roots and all, beside the legals?
Danger never feels the other side of plastered.  After shots and

cactus it was just a matter of tiempo.  Geology climbing out of the canyon
with her barber.  The pencil sharpener clogged with witnesses.

No wonder juniper goes wild in the etchings.  You told us one more mesa.
If I’ve seen one I’ve seen a boatload.  Racings-with-the moon

wind up blotto in a skin flick.  The beauty of it wanders off the map.
Drought zone chased by a record vote among the phonies.

You don’t have to answer this.  The pond behind the scandal is oven-ready.
Pop it as it floats over your head rowing her young

to the next preservative.  These twisted beans, offshoots
worming back to mineral, why not concentrate?  You could shave

the numbers off.  Start again with courtesy replacing algebra,
somebody’s network stretched between the bombsites.

Ask around, see which duds are burning.  Hop a freight.
I’ve been thinking about a book ending with ‘the’ and a crowd scene,

everybody yelling at the princess.  (Nobody liked the popovers.)  Deacons
rushing to the high country.  I can see your beginning in a toothache.  Were you

there later when she blazed a trail for the unsung directional Chihuahua?
Take blazing with a grain of salt. Dog’s a champion.

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