Joseph Victor Milford – -ism

Joseph Victor Milford


it has two syllables
“ism”, the

epos thematic
pharmakos phase

opsis epiphany?
nope, naive alazon.

this is stupid.
let’s just call the place, okay?

glance lexis.
melos drama.

I don’t care if the monad is tha part
of you that makes me say this.

lyric ethos.
the machine’s a black girl named Eris.

motif myth.
bullshit said the cuestick.

anagogic apocalytptic,
and some other weird French shit.

well, when in Tome, do as the toll-men do
as they always said in the halls of foam.

high mimetic.
confession dianoia.

a craft is a word that you can leave on.
a craft is a way of words to stay on.


slinking out of that fold
dollar bill dollar bill dollar bill

“ism” has two syllables,
is isometric

panoptic tick
stuck in my Sargasso hair

pubes electric
like art that is really there

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