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Philip Metres

Ibn Gitmo Flarf Stations


…trying to get my mind around
how Ctrl + L will open the filename box

where Bush tripped over saying, “Abu Ghraib?”
Indignant fans flood comment box, accusations
of political correctness mingling with declarations
that you’re not supposed to take pop culture
seriously.  We all know that things happened
featuring Ann Coulter’s head photoshopped
on pictures of naked chicks.  Access to unrestrained
imaginations!  Fueled by the phenomenal box
office success of “Spider-Man,” apart from some
creative pronunciation of those pesky words
“Abu Ghraib,” many of the questions left
no time for talking to naked chicks anymore.


The arms are very brown, the face is very brown
and you can see the outline of the collar around
the neck.  View Horse Detail.  I am doing this
mostly to EAT in the world now, IF I can see them
cooking it, I will eat it.  The start of a new
month, which means another opportunity to see
new and continuing westbound lanes.  Ideas are
cumulative, I must know the history, all the prior
knowledge, and then I must separate what
works from what does not work.  If everyone
is going the same way, I am going
to get nervous, maybe we are all lemming
and there is a cliff to jump off.  You first,
I will see if you survive.  I see many a chicken
here looking like it is being cooked.


Your answers should include what the project was,
the size of the project in dollars spent, and how long.
Once we dipped into that sweet clam and starfish
we knew what she needed.  Tranny videos, shemales
having sex.  Candidate must have strong command of
The Big Boobs Blog – here are my daily rants and
daily updated blog about interracial sex adventures
of horny girls of every shade and color.  Please list
relevant computer software – applications that you are
featuring Ebony babes, hot Latinas, Asian girls
and Indian girls having sex.  List your cradle to grave
responsibilities.  Name: Liz Age: 21 Pictures: 158
Liz has her eyes on a Ford GT.  Are you interested
in a contract position?  Earliest date available?


What about the 72 virgins awaiting every shahid in
Paradise?  Hairy fish nuts comes with free toy!
Shoot the groom in the head and drag those left alive
to Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison.  I’m already jonesing
for the next half of the season DVD.  Don’t miss
this chance to personally visit that paradise
within our earth, tastycakes and crowds of gun-wielding
Fuck Yeahs.  DC, you are SUCH a shit disturber.
I miss Saddam Hussein.  Ryan warns us not to fuck
with bodhisattvas, and has scriptural evidence
for his warning.  I’ve been jonesing for a place
to discover Hollywood’s extraordinary rendition
of combustibles: don’t fuck with an ice-cold
Maccabee, drunk out under the stars, on a fake orgasm.


In the archives, you will find Leopold Bloom,
a winding trail through the leafy moonscape,
bearded men wearing women’s underwear, dermal
topographic disorders, written in English
on his skin.  I am going to use this zombie infection
simulation for my cultural ecology.  Nipple-
twisting, publicly simulated sex-acts and so forth
were promised and I will produce a stream
of urine onto inmates backs.  Consistent coverage.
The lack of transparency at the top of the pyramid
stifles easy sex acts, the upper boundary of a long term
rectangular population.  I miss classic cars
alabama teens food pyramids and a simulation game
about making motion pictures.

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