Sepia Marie – Letter and Poem

Sepia Marie

Letter and Poem

Dear Mr. Cross,

I have been a longtime fan of your squeaky
cleanalicious poetry website.  Every time I view one
of your new issues, I get so excited that I can’t

help but rub my nose against the computer and lick
the scrumptious poetry that radiates from the screen.

I have never thought of myself as a poet, but after
reading the latest issue of shampoo, I was inspired
to put paw to paper and write a short poem about my
favorite thing in the entire world:  Meow Mix.
I know that I am not a writer of the usual
shampoo stature – in fact, I’m only a foot tall 🙂 –
but I would be delighted if you would consider my
poem, “Meow Mix,” for your latest
installment of shampoo.

Sepia Marie

I Love Meow Mix

I see Meow Mix everywhere.
I get Meow Mix in my hair.
People say I should diet,
but I just don’t care.
I’ll eat Meow Mix anywhere.

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