Jennifer Manzano

Three Poems

Bring Da Muthafuckin’ Ruckus

That’s how they get you,
distorting condom science
with live text and
video coverage.
Much of this resulted in
a fantasy quite unlike
what I actually did every day.
Like being brunette
did this to me. The jury
is out. It is written
all over your
face. It’s not bad. It’s just

Tell Her the Truth

Jesus-cure boot camp,
wrapped around who’s neck,
I heard we’re dating.
That’s how they get you.
Temporal order dictated
by normative syntax.
Get out your
umbrella definitions and
take off your hat.
Girly gettin’ trained now.

We Won’t Go Over Somebody, Right?

These things happen occasionally.
We’re not sure what to do
with the extra time. I can’t tell you
what I think, taking change
as a compliment.
Every time I dozed off
she was groaning and twitching.
We, the target audience, we’re losing

more than shoeboxes.
We lack a theme.

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